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Planting Seeds Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Located in the tranquil landscape of Mount Olive, North Carolina, Acorn Acres Farmstead is a family-owned haven dedicated to sustainable farming, wellness, and education. We believe in nurturing the land, our animals, and our community to offer products and experiences that enrich lives and promote healthy, sustainable living.

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Farm-Fresh Proteins

At Acorn Acres, we’re passionate about providing you with the finest, pasture-raised meats. Our regenerative farming practices mean no antibiotics, pesticides, or herbicides – just pure, wholesome goodness. Our online store makes it easy to get the best local meats delivered right to your door or available for farm pickup.

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Elderberry Wellness

Boost your family’s health with our range of elderberry products. Known for their immune-boosting properties, our elderberries are grown and harvested with care to ensure maximum potency and effectiveness. From syrups to teas, our elderberry products are a natural way to support your wellness journey.

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Roots + Sprouts Education

We believe that education should be as dynamic as the world around us. Our Roots + Sprouts division offers unique learning experiences for children aged 5-12 through our LEAP (Learn, Explore, And Play) Summer Camp, field trips, and homeschool programs.

Family Owned & Operated Since 2020

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Sustainable Practices

Our commitment to regenerative farming means we nurture the land and our animals in a way that promotes long-term sustainability and environmental health.

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